What is CMP?

The Community Mentorship Project (CMP) is a partnership between the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS), Ewa Elementary School, and James Campbell High School. The Goal of CMP is to provide community members the opportunity to mentor Ewa Elementary Children.

What is a "mentor"?

A mentor is a role model. CMP mentors are students from James Campbell High School and are involved in Campbell High School's Community Service Project. Mentors share their talents and experiences to Ewa Elementary children. Mentors also provide guidance and support to the children they are mentoring.

What talents can a mentor provide Ewa Elementary children?

Mentors will give guidane for homework, support reading skills, and provide motivation for learning. Mentors decide the activities they want to provide for the children they are mentoring. Activities that have been concluded in the past include: sports, performing arts, creative arts, and martial arts.

Where and when will the sessions be held?

Sessions will be held in a classroom at the campus of Ewa Elementary School. Sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 p.m. to 4:00p.m.

What kind of guidance will the OMSS coordinator provide?

The coordinator will provide training sessions for three days before the start of the actual mentoring. Topics include: activity planning, classroom management, mentoring styles, policies, and procedures. The OMSS coordinator will also be present during mentoring sessions to provide support.

What will mentors get for all their hard work?

Other than the satisfaction of positively influencing the lives of children, Campbell High School mentors will receive a 1/2 DOE credit.

How to apply:

Applications are available from Ms. Nelwynn Young. Interested applicants can also call the Office of Multicultural Student Services at 956-7348 and request CMP applications.

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