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Declaring Majors

Before declaring a major, it is important to think about why you are in college. One of the main reasons why students go to college is to prepare for a future career. If a student knows exactly what career they would like to have, it is easier for them to declare a major. If a student is definite about wanting to be a teacher, for example, they are more likely to major in education.

Another reason why students attend college is to gain more knowledge. They may not know exactly what to major in, but would still like to continue their education and explore their career options. If you are unsure, consider taking required courses in the arts and sciences to avoid wasting time, credits, and money. For example, many schools require math, science, and foreign language courses for graduation. Take these classes while figuring out the direction of your studies.

Declaring a major is not an easy task. Typically, college students change their majors several times and spend more time in school than is necessary. But that's okay. It is hard for many students to determine what he or she would like to do for the rest of their lives. Still, it is important to begin thinking about what field of work you would like to get into as early as middle school.

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