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Housing Plans

College institutions offer various living choices for students who want to live on campus. These include:

  • Traditional dormitories (single or double bedrooms)
  • Apartments/Suites
  • Coed, Women, and Men Residential Halls
  • College owned housings

Because it is home away from home, the dormitories, apartments, housings and residential halls are equipped with basic needs such as beds, closets, telephone lines, desks, chairs,and free internet. They also have kitchens, laundry rooms and lounges for you to gather with other students. Keep in mind that there are rules and regulations that need to be held while you dorm.

Most institutions will require first year students to be placed in dormitories specifically for first year students. Students are also required to have a roommate unless stated otherwise. Upperclassmen on the other hand have more living options than incoming freshmen. 

Living on campus is relatively inexpensive compared to living off campus. Depending on the type of housing, students may pay up to $4,000+ per semester to live on campus (this does not include the cost of food).

Meal plans are also offered to students who live on campus.

Residential Assistants (RA)

Institutions that offer on-campus housing are required to have residential assistants (RA). RAs are assigned to every wing or floor of your dormitory, house, or suite. It is their job to assist students, plan activities, and promote a safe living environment.

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