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A major is a term that refers to a college student's main field of specialization. Many students feel that when they fill out an application, they should already know what they would like to major in. Don't worry. Most colleges don't need to know your major when applying for their school. However, it is highly recommended that the student choose a major by the end of their sophomore year in college, especially if they would like to graduate in four years.

Try not to wait to until the last minute before declaring a major. Some college majors have limited seating, meaning that they only take a certain amount of students each year. For example, if you decide to major in engineering, but your major is still undecided, you may lose your spot to someone who has already declared their major in engineering.

Ultimately, once you know what you would like to major in, go to your counselor as soon as possible and let them know that you would like to declare a major.

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