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National Student Exchange

The National Student Exchange is an exciting program that allows students to study at a different college or university in the United States or in Canada.  Students can choose from nearly 200 colleges and universities.  For up to a calendar year, students are able to take advantage of the institution's location, programs, facilities, and courses that are unique to the university.

Why Should You Participate in the National Student Exchange Program?

  • Live in a different part of the country/continent

  • Grow as a student and a person; break out of your comfort zone and be independent

  • Take courses not offered at your home campus

  • Learn from different professors and expose yourself to different ideas

  • Experience new cultures and meet new people

  • Explore possibilities for graduate school/post-baccalaureate studies

  • Learn skills for college and life

Like volunteering, researching, studying abroad and interning, participating in the National Student Exchange program will enhance your college education and resume. It will show graduate schools and future employers that you are independent, mature, and willing to go beyond the expected.

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