Personal Computer

A highly recommended investment to take when going to college is buying a personal computer.  This could be a stationary desktop that you can leave at home or in your dorm room, or a notebook computer that you can bring to school.  Both routes (desktop VS laptop) have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you to choose which advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 

Cost and Mobility

This used to be a big issue in the past as notebooks were much more costly than desktops, however, price differences between the two have decreased over the years.  What you usually pay for extra is the mobility that the notebook has over the desktop.  However, it is much easier and much cheaper to upgrade components for your desktop if the need ever arises.  Some notebooks even void warranty for opening up your own notebook.  There is however, nothing better than being able to check your email anywhere on campus that wireless internet is available if you have a notebook to carry around. 

Pc VS Mac

Another topic that may be important to a college student today is choosing what type of computer they will invest in.  With a Mac computer from apple, you will be running an operating system that will be different from PC's (In general that is the main difference between PC and Mac: the operating system).  Mac computers are not as easily upgradeable than PC computers, however, they are well known and generally preferred over PCs when handling huge media files for creating movies, music, etc.  Unfortunately, not all PC games are compatible with Macs.  There are a lot more software available for PC's than Macs.  In all boils down to the students' preference and what will need to be done on the computer.

Middle School

High School

College Years