Registering for classes can be the biggest headache for any incoming student.  Freshmen are usually the last to register.  This means that many of the introductory level classes may be filled by the time a freshman registers.  The best strategy is to plan out your schedule and come up with alternate classes (in case some of your choices are closed) BEFORE you are scheduled to register.  If you are having problems registering, your college will usually have a center with people who are able to help you navigate registration.

All incoming freshmen are required to take a bunch of core classes before they can be accepted into their choice of major.  These core classes are usually in Math, English, History, National Science, Social Science, and Arts & Humanities.  Classes are categorized by sections and you will need to take a specific amount of classes per category in order to graduate.

All classes are numbered, with lower numbers being the introductory level classes.  Keep in mind that the upper level classes may require you to take an introductory level class BEFORE you are able to enroll in an upper level class.  These introductory level classes are called prerequisites. 

If you already have major in mind, the department will usually have a checklist of classes you need to take.  You can follow this checklist and register for the classes listed.  These classes may also meet the core classes you need for graduation.

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