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Taking Care Of Yourself

You are responsible for treating your whole self - mind and body - with respect and care. Taking care of yourself is more than brushing your teeth and combing your hair. How you take care of yourself affects the way you perform in school and the decisions you make in life.

Eating Right

Eat foods that are good for your body. It is ok to eat candy and soda but too much can harm your body. Avoid skipping meals and eating junk food in place of your three major meals of the day. Eat a good breakfast in the morning so you are able to stay alert and focused in school. You will be more alert in class and among your friends if you are not hungry.

Drugs and Alcohol

Stay away from drugs and alcohol - Taking drugs and/or alcohol are harmful for your body and mind. They are also illegal and can be deadly. Friends who offer you ANYTHING that is harmful are NOT your friends. Your schoolwork, relationship with your family, and everything else in your life will suffer if you consume drugs and alcohol.

Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep at least eight hours at night. Your body needs the rest and must recuperate for the next day. Staying up all night watching TV or playing video games is not a good excuse for staying up late. Just like eating, your body cannot function without proper sleep.


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