Filipino Migration to the U.S.

Filipino Migration to Other Parts of the U.S.

Aside from California and Hawaii, Filipinos had spread to other parts of the United States in search of jobs. Based on agricultural crops and seasons, Filipino farm workers found their way to Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, and even as far as New York. In summer, thousands of Filipinos journeyed to Alaska to work in the fishing and fish canning industries. In 1927 about 2,869 Filipinos worked in Alaska. This number increased to 4,210 in 1930.

Chicago reflected a different pattern of migration compared to Hawaii and the west coast. The earliest Filipino community in Chicago consisted of pensionados. While many of them completed their studies and went back to the Philippines, there were others who opted to remain in the city. In the 1920s the pensionados were joined by other students, many of whom supported themselves by finding employment in the city. They worked in the post office and the Pullman Company. Many intermarried with Americans and from other ethnic groups, thus producing mixed children.