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Within the Univerisity of Hawai'i

Student Equity, Excellence, and Diversity (SEED)

The Office of Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity (SEED) recognizes underrepresented groups in higher education. We provide programs for the recruitment and success of students from these groups. Further, we provide administrative support to committees addressing diversity issues at Manoa and system wide. OMSS is a program unders SEED.

Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures

The Department of Hawaiian (HAW) and Indo-Pacific (IP) Languages and Literatures provides an opportunity without parallel elsewhere in the country for students to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the languages and cultures of that part of the world that encompasses more than 25 percent of the Earth's population and an unusual diversity of peoples.

East Asian Languages and Literatures

EALL is the largest department of its kind in the country and offers a curriculum unparalleled in its breadth, depth, and variety of courses in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Center for Japanese Studies

The Center for Japanese Studies exists within the University of Hawai'i at Manoa to promote research and development of understanding Japan within a global context.

Center for Korean Studies

The Center for Korean Studies provides a resource to for those whose interests are focused on Korea. The center is active within the campus as well as outside of the University of hawai'i at Manoa.

Center for Philippine Studies

The center for Philippines Studies is the only center that exists outside of the Philippines that promotes the Philippine culture and Filipinos.

Philippine History

Created by Carmel Asubar and Grace Mateo, the website provides a comprehensive history of Filipinos both in America and in the Philippines.

Non-University Links

eFIL: Filipino Digital Archives and History Center of Hawaii

eFIL ( is a project of the Filipino-American Historical Society of Hawaii that collects and digitizes historical resources on Filipinos in Hawaii. It is a partnership with OMSS and the Filipino Community Center. A Community Learning Center is a part of the Hukilau Network, a family of community-based websites. The sites are designed to help grow an understanding of Hawai`i that can help set the stage for an active and informed dialogue about designing a sustainable future.

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