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OMSS Student Staff - 2010-2011

Aijamal Adieva
Bishkek, Kyrgystan
Graduate - LLM (grad. 2010)
OMSS has been an ohana for me; I wish I could continue to work more with such people.

Eriza Bareng
Home town
Graduate - American Studies

Randy Cortez
Pinipin, Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Undergraduate - Philosophy (grad. 2010)
Use my education to be a catalyst for positive social change; leave the world a better place than I initially found it; bring about systemic and structural change -- El pueblo unido jama cerra vencido -- "Power to the People."

Kaori Fujii
Akashi, Hyogo, Japan
Undergraduate - Ethnic Studies (grad. 2011)
English, American Culture & Society (Konan Women's University)

Learning diversity is so special because I can learn differences between me and other ethnic groups. What is more, I can enjoy the differences as our uniqueness.

Christian Gomez
Undergraduate - Medical Technology

Sheila Mae Gomez
Honolulu, HI
Undergraduate - Communications/Women's Studies (grad. 2010)
Currently in charge of BIN-I tutoring program. Love to travel, studied abroad in Florence, Italy in spring '09..

Jibril Hassen
Chicago, IL/Seattle, WA
Undergraduate - Psychology (Criminology)
Diversity exists within one's own essence. To deny it means depriving one's self of essential ingredients which make one whole. Ironically, these components are inseparable from the human spirit.

Linda Kosen
Undergraduate - Anthropology

Nelia Nacion
Davao City, Philippines
Undergraduate - Biology/Pre-med (grad. 2010)
My goal is to become to a physician and practice medicine in third world countries.

Cecilia Noble
Graduate - Sociology

Heather Omori
Undergraduate -
Christine Panther
Tahlequah, OK
Native American (Kiowa, Quapaw, Shawnee)
Undergraduate - American Studies/Political Science
I plan to take my education back to and experiment with the Native American community.
Chris Smith
Sacramento, CA
Graduate - Social Work
Education is the pathway to a better life.
Sandy Su
Undergraduate -
Alma Taufua
Tafuna, American Samoa
Undergraduate - Pre-Nursing
My goal is to become a nurse and make a career in the military.

Paris Watson
San Francisco Bay Area
Creole African American w/American Indian heritage (Creek nation)
- Ethnic Studies (grad. 2010)
Perserverance is the best quality to have when reaching for your goals and dreams.

Elsie Whitehorn
Red Rock, OK
Native American (Otoe, Ioway, Navajo)
Undergraduate - Management Info Systems (grad. 2011)

I have been assisted multiple times throughout my journey in higher education. I hope to bring what I have learned back to where I am from to assist in any way.


OMSS Staff

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